Post WWII US Navy planes

When I returned to building kits after a number of years of absense from the hobby, I felt I needed to limit myself to a few subjects. Given that the F-4B/N has always been one of my personal favourites, adding post WWII US Navy aircraft to the lists of "allowed" subjects was a natural choice. My intention is to build every fixed wing type that flew of the carriers in this timeframe. Although some might be represented by several kits, this is not the objective; I'm looking for an overview of types here, not each and every squadron each and every type flew with.


Listed here are the various projects in this section. The dates reflect the most recent update, and link directly to said update.

2005-09-29 Various F-11 Tigers
2012-10-07 A-5 Vigilantes in several variants.
In progress
2007-01-05 Hasegawa S-3A of VS-22
2007-03-17 Minicraft F-8H of VF-111 Sundowners

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