The museum

Before any of us get carried away, lets get one thing straight: the fact that these pages are called 'the museum' does not imply that any of the kits here reside in any museum, or that they have the qualities to earn that kind of honour. Although I've occasionally seen models in museums that weren't much better, the quality of some of these kits is in truth rather appalling.
So, if they're not museum quality kits, what are they? Simply put, these are the results of my efforts with plastic kits from the day I started to the start of this logbook. Well, what's left of them anyway. All too often, I've had to throw out kits to make room for others. I've started taking pictures and archiving those properly only recently, so there will be gaps.
In many cases, these pages are simply picture galleries, but some may have some comments associated with them.

Current collection

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