1/48 scale Warbirds

The bonus bunch seduced me into working on 1/48 warbirds, and predictably, this got a little out of hand. Might as well admit to this reality, and give those overscale critters a page of their own. At the time of writing, no warbird has been built independently, but there have already been quite a few linked to other contexts.

2011-03-29 Monogram 1:48 Hurricane.
Hasegawa 1:48 Macchi C202 Folgore.
On hold
2014-03-30 1/48 Revell captured Messerschmitt 109 G-10.
2014-07-20 1/48 Academy Robin Olds' P-38J "Scat II".
1/48 Aeroclub Meteor salvage project

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