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1:48 Hasegawa Macchi C.202 Folgore

The Macchi 202/205 is the closest thing the Italians produced to a good looking fighter, so it was the natural choice for the Italian representative to my warbirds collection. The Hasegawa kit was available at the right time, and as expected, the parts look great. Also as expected, the decals are junk. It took some doing, but I found an aftermarket set from Sky Models, which could probably supply a life time supply of Macchi 202 markings, even if one intended to do a swarm of them, which I don't. Macchis carried a very distinctive "smoke ring" camouflage pattern. Very distinctive, and almost impossible to reproduce properly. My intent pretty much from the start was to use decals for this, and to my surprise, I found Mike Grant produces them. Saves me the effort of doing it myself, as well as wear and tear on the ALPS.
No work has been done on this kit yet, but I decided to set up this page a short time in advance, pending completion of the Italeri-Supermodel MB339 Frecce Tricolore.


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