Aerobits: 3D design and printing

In 2017, I got stuck on a project because I just couldn't get the parts I wanted. Those parts were a bunch of Matra 166 pods, which is not something I could sculpt out of miliput or some similar approach. Then some little bird or another mentioned 3D printing, I investigated, the bug bit, and things got rather out of hand, as all good things do. I ended up with some rather nice designs, prints came out really nice, and in a bad attack of hubris, I even set up the Aerobits store inside the Shapeways system..

I haven't quite gotten over the idea that some of these models may be usefull to others yet (I actually sold some stuff through Aerobits, if you'll believe that), so regardless of the context the various designs originated from, they'll get their own space here.

2020-04-25 68mm_rocket_pods.
Completed/On hold

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