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Airfix Il-28
2003-09 Project start

The same day I started the Esci F-4C, I also began working on this kit. A considerable number of the parts that make up the kit are not on sprues, but instead all by themselves, with either a small tab attached to them with the part number, or with the part number moulded onto the part itself. Lets be nice, and call it a sign of the times this kit was developed in (the copyright notice inside the fuselage says 1968, which for personal reasons I mustn't call old). Also, someone must have figured more parts were better, because some parts were divided in two for no apparent reason. All parts in the picture on the right are actually two part subassemblies. While this is justified for some, for others like the tailplanes and controll surfaces it is in my not at all humble opinion excessive. Despite this enthousiastic engineering, detail is quite sparse. Cockpits are mostly empty space, and wheelwells are unheard of. Kind of makes me wonder if the Italeri kit is newer and better, or simply a repop of this one ( resist...)

I found the much, much more recent Trumpeter kit for peanuts. Resistance was futile. Sadly, this banch queen is now abandoned.

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