Sometimes I get infected with a bad case of daftness, and wander off into some really unchacteristic places. Over the years, this happened no fewer than three times in a way that involved cars. First out of plain old curiosity about the 1/32 Airfix early cars, which resulted in a bunch of them in the stash. Next was a bout of sillyness involving the "Owners' Club" car kits from Japan, especially the impressive range of three wheeled vehicles. Finally, for some reason I had early VW Golfs on my mind and bought a kit; fortunately, only one in this case..

The "Owner's Club" series has been published by both Arii and Micro Ace; since the kits are otherwise indistinguishable, I'll treat "Owners' Club" as a brand. It was marketed to, you've guessed it, the owners of the real thing, similarly to the display models sold by car dealers over here in the past. Except of course you had to build these yourself. Aside from being dirt cheap, relatively simple but effective models, the range includes quite a number of the, to my eyes, delishiously quirky three wheeled vehicles which were quite widely used in Japan.

2016 Revell VW Golf 1 cabrio.
On Hold
2022-10-14 Owners' Club Mazda T2000.
On hold

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