Box art


Project start 2023-09-14

In my hunt for interesting 3D designs to work with I stumbled accross this little display, which immediately but a wide grin on my face and was therefore added to the expanding collection. I fully intend to do the complete model at some point, scaled down from it's native 75mm to the 54mm scale that dominates my display case, but I also wanted a quick little project and something to show off the level of detail in the design, so I started with the bust option scaled up to about 150mm scale. Not every design survives being scaled up like this, some become too coarse and angular, but most can handle being doubled in size without difficulty.

This figure gave me a nice big area of skin to work with, so I broke out the oils. It never fails to amaze and delight me how easy it is to come up with pale skin tones using oils, compared to how horribly difficult it seems to be in enamels or acrylics (quick, name a brand that has good skin tone right out of the jar/bottle... didn't think so..) I have yet to find out how well it does with darker skin; my earlier experience with pale East Asian skin looks hopefull, but I've yet to go darker than that.

For the hair I used pre-shading. Vallejo Basalt Grey, heavily dry brushed with Light Grey, and then coated with a thin layer of nearly translucent W&S Burnt Sienna. A gamble that paid of nicely, and is at high risk of being repeated in the future.

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