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Ritual Casting's Tuya

Project start September 2023

This figure was one of my first 3D downloads at a large scale, and consequently, it became something of a lab rat. The basic mounted figure is nothing short of huge at the intended 1/10 scale, so first out of the printer were a single part and multi part copy of the standing figure. I knew in an abstract sense, from working with the slicer, that even that would be large, but once I had the prints in my hands, I realised there are very few spots on the display shelves where it will fit.

So, I scaled both versions down to 35%, resulting in roughly 54mm scale. There seemed little point in printing the multi part standing version, but the mounted was printed both ways. The single piece mounted figure was a great way of showing of the printer, but although I mostly cleaned off the supports, I decided against trying to paint it. There's just too many areas that are almost impossible to reach. One of the local IPMS crowd has since adopted it, but I haven't seen the result yet. I'll tackle the multi part mounted figure later.

That left the 54mm figure, which I painted up, using oils for skin and hair, and various acrylics for clothing and equipment.
Astute observers will note that the arrow has vanished from the right hand, and that the bow doesn't have a string. The arrow didn't survive printing in any kind of shootable condition, but came out extremely bent and twisted. Apparently, such 'snake' arrows can actually shoot quite well, but an empty hand seemed just as good. It would have been possible to actually string the bow, as even at this scale, the notches in the limb tips appear functional, but despite the fact that the bow is very flexible, capable of bending almost ninety degrees, my ham fisted handling exceeded that and it snapped. I was happy to be able to repair it, but I didn't want to risk stringing it anymore.

Finishing materials:

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