Box art picture of the sprues

Italeri MLD C-47

Project start 2020-05-24

Far too long ago for comfort, one of the members of out local IPMS group asked the gang if we would be interested in building a bunch of airplanes for the private museum of the historic aircraft club he was also part of, where he had shown us around earlier that day. Many of us pounced on that opportunity, of course, and I got me an Italeri Dakota to build. The project stalled for a bit, as markings for the particular aircraft requested are not available, and my technical capabilities took a nose dive over the past year due to computer problems.

One thing immediately struck me as odd: this is the earliest boxing of the Italeri kit, but where all others I've ever seen have rectangular blocks posing as seats along the fuselage sides, this one has detailed paratrooper style seats. It seems Italeri have simplified the moulds in later editions.

The interior is mostly built, as are the wings, tailplanes, and engines. Some paint should enter the arena soonish.

The interior is done. The kit has an IP with some generic greebles on it, but I chose to use the decal from one of my Pointerdog7 sheets. Sadly, some of the inks blurred out while moving the decal, but it still looks like a busy IP, and it will be invisible once the hull is closed. Could have gone better, but I guess this was the least annoying decal to learn with.

I've made a start at closing up the fuselage. Italeri Dakota fuselages can warp and twist with the best of them, but this particular kit seems to be fairly meek. I'll still have to do it in sections, but the amount of brute force required will be minimal.

No work on the plastic, but I finally got around to finishing the decal sheet that contains the squadron codes for this one. Hopefully the plastic will soon get some attention as well.

status on 2020-10-09

Work has been going on in the background for a bit now. Most of the main construction is done, and I've added the rather prominent antenna spike to the tail (will need shortening, but that's trivial). The restored panel lines along the spine are a bit too bold for my liking, I'll have to find a way to tone them down a bit.

The cunning plan for toning down the panel lines: given that too much paint can wipe out panel lines, and that I have several rattlecans of otherwise not that useful primer and microfiller on hand, a solution has suggested itself. There's two heavy coats curing right now. Once cured I'll send the lot back down to the bare plastic, except (hopefully) inside the trenches. Another more moderate coat of grey primer should then reveal the result. If anticipation weren't a lazy bum, it would be killing me..

My gamble with the primer paid off. Sanded it off the general area leaving the trenches filled (no talent required, that's what sandpaper does), then used q-tips dipped in acetone to get it out of the original, more sensible panel lines, and things evened out beautifully. I'll just add this to my bag of tricks..

Finishing materials:

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